What is Bosphorus24?

Bosporus 24 is a platform on which you can present your company and your products in Germany, Europe and the world. With this platform, we enable you to enter international trade in addition to promoting your own products and services.

What does Bosporus24 bring to my company?

Together with Bosporus24 you can advertise your products on the German market. As you advertise, you have the opportunity to contact the buyers you can reach and export. In this way you bring your company to a higher level economically while at the same time increasing your level of awareness.

Can I get a business visa through Bosporus24?

As part of the project, you have the right to obtain a business visa. You can obtain such a right because of the companies you work with in Germany via our platform. The export bills you cut as a result of the trade you make are the biggest proof of getting a trade visa.

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