Professional Solutions in Fire Safety
Aiming to be a pioneer in the fire safety sector with its fire engineering solutions and its continuity, Modus Fire is increasing its market share and competitive power day by day by completing turnkey projects, preventive and periodic maintenance in the most economical way, applicable and responding to the demands of the enterprises within the targeted time.

Supervision and Commissioning
In addition to the turnkey installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems, Modus provides the supervision required for the installation of the equipment it sells, in accordance with international norms and standards.

Test scenarios of fire detection and extinguishing systems, whose assembly processes have been completed, are prepared according to the relevant standards, and function tests are carried out by expert engineers within the framework of different scenarios according to the determined criteria, and the systems are delivered in the correct working condition.

Test scenarios approved by international organizations; It covers not only the functions of the systems, but also the possibilities that will prevent the system from working in the event of a fire.

Gas Extinguishing Systems
Gas Extinguishing Systems, Gas extinguishing systems have become one of the most preferred extinguishing systems today, as they do not leave any traces after the extinguishing process and the protected volumes can be used again immediately.

Gas extinguishing systems are frequently preferred today because they do not leave footprints and do not harm the environment. FM200, CO2 and Inert gas extinguishing systems are the most preferred gas extinguishing systems. Each extinguishing system has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation and location.

According to the features and specifications of the place to be applied, Modus Fire Safety Systems offers the most suitable solution. All supplied gas extinguishing systems are systems with international certifications and approvals.

All kinds of assembly and commissioning operations of gas extinguishing systems, which are also maintained by our company, are carried out according to NFPA rules or international standards.

Foam Extinguishing Systems
„Foam“-based extinguishing systems, which have varieties such as synthetic-based, protein-based, film-forming and alcohol-resistant; It is mostly used to extinguish fuel and flammable liquid fires.

There are types of systems that can be activated manually or automatically. Foaming agent is generally used in sprinkler systems, fire cabinets, foam monitors, foam generator systems.

In the design of foam system materials, all of which are approved and supplied by us, and whose assembly and periodic maintenance are performed, hydraulic calculation programs approved by VDS – Germany are used and all data are delivered to the customer.

Aqueous Extinguishing Systems
Since it is easily found in nature and has a direct effect on the fire, the most widely used extinguishing source, except for B, D and E class fires, is water.

By the engineering unit of our company, sprinkler systems, fire cabinet systems, hydrant systems and other water extinguishing systems are designed according to separate criteria and assembly-maintenance and supervision are provided.

VDS – Germany approved hydraulic calculation programs are used for the hydraulic calculations and projects of the systems to be designed. Our designs are primarily based on the Fire Regulation rules, and if the regulation is insufficient, NFPA standards and EN standards are taken as basis.

Assembly processes are carried out by our own staff. Likewise, maintenance, periodic controls and tests are carried out by our own personnel in accordance with the „NFPA Test And Maintenance, Inspection“ document.

Fire Detection Systems

All of the Fire and Gas Detection Systems that are engineered, designed, sold, assembled, supervised and maintained by Modus Fire Safety Systems have internationally recognized certificates in their field, and the systems are imported from Europe and America. Modus specializes in Fire Detection systems and works with ADVANCED/UK, SYSTEM SENSOR/USA, LST/AT, KAC/UK, OLYMPIA/GR, PROLINE/UK companies.

Developing solutions for the wishes and needs of our customers in case of any fire risk, and ensuring their safety with the fire and gas detection systems we have established are among our main objectives.

In this context, in Modus fire detection systems; The product range, which can easily respond to special applications such as conventional and smart addressable systems and air sampling systems, as well as line type heat detection, duct type smoke detectors, industrial type gas and flame detectors, and UL, ULC, FM, EN54, LPCB, VdS, GOST, AFNOR, BOSEC etc. It also serves you with its product range that has approvals.

Fire Detection Systems have come to a very important point today and have become a field of expertise. System selection, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance must be done by a team of experts in this field. Only under these conditions can a system properly maintain its vital task.

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