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The PBS group of companies is both an importer and a wholesaler. The specialty is the respirators, which are used in over 500 clinics, municipalities and companies.
The difference between us and others is that we also supply small customers who only need a small amount of goods at humane prices. We want to enable everyone to protect themselves with high quality goods at good prices.

  • Fast and uncomplicated import of protective equipment of all kinds
  • Prices at favorable wholesale conditions
  • All protective masks and equipment with certificates and test marks
  • Support and shipment tracking for all imported goods


  1. Continuous incoming goods
  2. Competent and professional advice, by mail, web and telephone
  3. Fully certified and marketable goods
  4. Support and shipment tracking for any order

Number of employees

  • Employees 1-9

Opening Hours

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23. February 2024 2:25

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